Application area of silicon

- May 28, 2018-

1. High purity single crystal silicon is an important semiconductor material. A small amount of Group IIIA elements are doped into the monocrystalline silicon to form a p-type silicon semiconductor; a trace of Group VA elements are incorporated to form an n-type semiconductor. The p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor are combined together to form a p-n junction and can be made into a solar cell, which converts radiant energy into electrical energy. It is a promising material in the development of energy. In addition, widely used diodes, transistors, thyristors, field effect transistors, and various integrated circuits (including chips and CPUs in people's computers) are raw materials made of silicon.

2, metal ceramics, an important material for the space navigation. The ceramic and metal are mixed and sintered to make a cermet composite material, which is resistant to high temperature and toughness and can be cut. It not only inherits the respective advantages of metal and ceramic, but also makes up for the inherent defects of both. Can be applied to the manufacture of military weapons. The first space shuttle, the "Columbia", was able to resist the high temperature friction generated by high-speed passage through the dense atmosphere, thanks to its 31,000-silicon tiles.

3, fiber optic communications, the latest modern means of communication. Pure silica can be used to draw highly transparent glass fibers. The laser can travel forward in countless total reflections in the fiberglass pathway, replacing bulky cables. High fiber optic communication capacity, a glass fiber with fine hair, can transmit 256 telephones at the same time; and it is not subject to electricity, magnetic interference, fear of eavesdropping, and has a high degree of confidentiality. Fiber-optic communications will revolutionize human life in the 21st century.