Silicon distribution

- May 28, 2018-

The abundance of silicon has caused the interest of early chemists. The content of silicon (silicon) on the earth's surface is second only to oxygen, which accounts for nearly 28%. However, the element of silicon (silicon) is not the earliest element to be discovered. That is because the yttrium (silicon) oxide is used to restore the yttrium. A very difficult thing.

Silicon accounts for about 25.7% of the total weight of the earth's crust, second only to oxygen. In nature, silicon is usually present in the form of oxygenates, the simplest of which is the silica and oxygen compound silica SiO2. Quartz, crystal, etc. are variations of pure silica. The ore compounds in the ores and rocks are collectively referred to as silicates, the more important ones being feldspar KAlSi3O8, kaolin Al2Si2O5(OH)4, talc Mg3(Si4O10)(OH)2, mica KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2, asbestos H4Mg3Si2O9. Sodium zeolite Na2(Al2Si3O10)·2H2O, garnet Ca3Al2(SiO4)3, zirconium quartz ZrSiO4 and beryl Be3Al2Si6O18. Soils, clays and sands are the weathered products of natural silicate rocks.