Silicon's Common Rumors

- May 28, 2018-

Rumor: In nature, silicon exists as an oxygenate.

Dismissed: The existence of natural silicon in nature has been reported for a long time.

In this paper, the mineralogical and mineralogical studies of natural silicon have been carried out. The mineral is produced in a skarn sulfur and polymetallic deposit in a certain place in Fujian. Natural silicon is bright gray silver, strong metallic luster. Brittle. Microscopically, it was round and granular and milky. Homogeneous. The measured specific gravity d = 2.368. Hardness H_M=6.76. Reflectance R 470 nm 37.08; 546 nm 33.44; 589 nm 31.27; 650 nm 29.96. After scanning electron microscopy analysis and electron probe analysis, Si 99.87% to 99.94%.